14000 rupees for five minutes, 1.5 lakh for meeting; Mohanlal’s heroine with a new venture.

Social media has become the biggest platform to do business. There are many people who have become billionaires in the world by building different types of business empires on social media.

Many people have become millionaires by spreading their different business ideas through social media. Paid Partnerships, Paid Promotions, Business Tools, Paid Advertising etc.

are common in this era. Similarly, many people are earning income through the website. We can see different types of websites. Every website comes out with a different purpose.

Kiran Rathod, who was once one of the busiest actresses in the South Indian film world and Bollywood, has come up with such a new business venture. The actor has come forward by introducing his new website. With this, the actor wants to make his fans more happy.

On this website, the actor provides an opportunity to interact with his fans and talk through video calls. But everything is just pied. The actor has now started a website where you can talk to him and meet him personally.

The star has prepared all the opportunities for the fans to video call and talk to the star through the website. For this, the actor charges a huge amount from the fans.

The fact that the actor is ready to appear in the video as the fans want has attracted a lot of public attention. The actor demands Rs 14,000 to call and speak directly. The star charges Rs 4000 to send a photo. The actor demands one and a half lakhs to meet and interact with the actor personally.

Kiran Rathore is an actor who has proven his talent by acting in Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The actor has been active in the acting world since 2001. The actor is known among Malayalam movie lovers for his performance in the movie Thandavam starring Mohanlal.

The actor has also acted in Malayalam films such as Mazhakazha Manammrigam Double and proved his talent.






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