A bouquet of flowers instead of a dress on the top… Sweet Star shocked in the new photo shoot

Divya Agarwal shares new photos and video of a variety photo shoot with bouquets on her back.

Different types of photoshoots are coming out on social media every day.

The only thing that is different from one another is that it gets recognition and even applause in the social media, which is well known to the actors and that is why the actors and models come out in full force.

Going viral on social media is the primary goal of every photo

shoot for me and my crew. The current era of social media is going through a situation where actors and models are willing to go to any lengths for it.

This is the reason behind photoshoots coming out with culturally empty clothes and ideas, with the intention of making the photo shoot go viral, even if it is against all the written rules, in a very glamorous look, it does not suit the culture of the society

Most of the photoshoots that face ethical criticism can be seen through social media. Issues such as culture, religion, family honor and femininity are important reasons for moralists to crack.

Now anyone can clearly say that the motive behind all this is to spread the virus on the social media.

Similarly, dear star Divya Agarwal has come as a variety photo shoot, however, the photo shoot has been designed in such a way as to give work to virtuous mothers and uncles. Photos can be seen in bold & hot look.

The actor has done a variety photoshoot wearing pants and not putting on a top, with his chest covered with bouquets of flowers.

The actor himself has shared the photo shoot videos and photos for his fans on Instagram. Notably, there is no upper garment. In short, a bouquet of flowers was used as a disguise instead of wearing an upper garment.

Rarely seen, always noticed
But the caption is given by the actor to the photoshoot video.

“February is the month of love. Not just love for your partner, its also about self love. Do thing that make u happy and trust me that will be the biggest reward you can give yourself”
Divya Agarwal is a brilliant actress and model. The actor is an active presence in the television industry.

Since Divya Agarwal is a star who is followed by 2.1 million fans on Instagram, the photo shoot and photo shooting video done by the star has already gone viral.






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