A Malayalee model shared a video of a tattoo on her thigh… and the video went viral

This is a time when tattoo artists and users have increased all over the world. There is a state of tattooing even among common people now more than before. It’s safe to say that a city now has tattoo artists working on every corner and corner and its studios. Some even associate tattooing with culture as a literary form or an art form.There are now many fans of this process of carving designs of their choice on the skin and using temporary or permanent pigments. Similarly, tattoo photos and videos of tattooing are quickly becoming viral on social media sites. Many celebrities have also shared their tattoo photos and videos.


Tats are all connected decoratively, emotionally and culturally. Tattoos are done with different and beautiful paintings. Many suggest that each has its own Thai meaning. Celebs or not, tattoo photos and videos can quickly gain a lot of views on social media spaces. Anyway, in the last few days, a video of a tattoo has been doing the rounds on social media.


The fact that it is done on a young woman’s thigh is the reason it spreads more quickly. The video of the woman who appeared in a bold look, getting tattooed on her body has been uploaded. The video was uploaded on an Instagram page named Anavrin. This page is famous for many model photoshoots. This page is active among the audience with many different model photoshoots.







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