A variety of blind photography. Photos of the model with bandages on her eyes and shoulders went viral on social media.

Photoshoots are becoming increasingly unpredictable. After opening social media, the most visible are different types of photoshoots. People can only marvel at every shot that comes out now.

At one time, photoshoots were limited to wedding ceremonies only. But now the situation has changed. Many people are sharing on social media in photo shoot mode, before and after the wedding, even pregnancy.

Actresses in the field of film serials mostly participate in this type of photo shoot. While some have received praise, many have been criticized. We can see photoshoots filled to the brim with ethical comments.Dey is now viral again on social media with a variety photo shoot. The photo has gone viral on social media under the label Blind Photoshoot and the photo has been tagged #LoveIsBlind.






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