Actress ‘Mridula Murali’ holidaying in Bikini pictures viral..!!!

In Malayalam cinema, we have many stars who are active in Malayalam cinema by acting only in a few movies. Mridula Murali is an active star in Malayalam cinema by playing such small roles. The star also appeared in Mohanlal’s movie Red Chillies. The star started her career as an avatar.

The actor also acted in Malayalam cinema as well as in Tamil cinema. The actor also acted in Malayalam movies like Elsamma, Boy, Shikhamani, Aayal Nkavalla. The actor has also appeared in many television shows. Even if he is not active in acting now, he is still active on social media.

Now here the actress is busy celebrating the holiday with her husband. The actress and her husband are enjoying the beauty of Bali. Now here are the new bikini pictures of the actress which are now viral on social media. These glamor pictures were taken by the actress’s husband.

The star has lakhs of fans on Instagram, so all the pictures shared by the star go viral on social media. The star is very active on social media. You can see her viral glamor pictures.






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