Actress Sridha with a glamorous photo shoot in the pool..! See the photoshoot..

Actress Srinda is a star who has gained the audience’s attention with her excellent acting in many films. Srinda became an audience favorite with her portrayal of the comic character Sushila in the 1983 Nivin Pauly film.

Srinda gave an excellent performance as a girl who does not know Sachin in this film set in the background of cricket. After that the star got noticed and got many fans.

The actor, who is active on social media, does many photoshoots and gets the attention of the audience. Srinda mostly does photoshoots for brands, shops and jewellers. Srinda’s new photoshoot for Amera Jewels is currently garnering social media attention.

This photoshoot was done in the swimming pool. Sridha has arrived in the pool in a blue dress.

The actress has arrived looking beautiful wearing Amera’s jewelery around her neck and ears. These pictures of Srinda are captured by Anjana Anna. Styling and makeup by Shimmer Me by Reshma Thomas.

This pool photoshoot has received rave reviews from fans. A television program teased Srinda and two other stars for dressing up in a glamorous photo shoot.


Sridha had openly protested against this through social media. On that day, many film actresses came forward in support of Srinda. Srinda’s next release is Bhishma Parvam starring Superstar Mammootty








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