Actress Swasika Vijay shocked her fans again with Kalari practice


Recently, actress Swasika Vijay shared some pictures and videos of her practicing Kalari for her fans. While some gave comments praising the star, some made mocking comments. 

The actor also gave a great reply to them. The actor shared his first video and pictures saying that he wants to practice Kalari for a long time and loves Kalari so much.

 After this video which was accepted by the audience, the actor has shared another video.

“Morning kalari practice, get fit naturally with nishtha, train your body with kriyas of kalari and yoga. It enables you to practice them anywhere, anytime without any memberships or accessories,” Swasika shared her video. Shinu Antony is teaching Nita and training Kalari.

It is not clear if this was done by choice or as preparation for the new film as the audience asked when the first video was released.

 In any case, Swasika is currently shining in the acting field. Vasanthi and Chaturam are notable films in the actor’s career. The star’s new films are Udayol, Jennifer and Price of Police. All these three films are currently in the pre-production stage.

Swasika, who has been active in the acting industry for many years, started her career with a Tamil film. The actor got more opportunities in Malayalam. 

Hrithik Roshan in Kattappana was the film that got the attention of the audience for the actor who appeared in small roles and supporting roles.

Praba Movie Actress Swasika Stills

Chaturam was the Malayalam film in which the actress made her debut as a heroine in several films. Swasika also earned a lot of praise for her performance.


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