Adult Web Series star Nandita Dutta aka ‘Nancy Bhabhi’ arrested for forcing young models into pornography

Kolkata Police has busted a porn racket and arrested a model-cum-actress and shoot coordinator for allegedly involving aspiring models in pornography.

The accused actor has been identified as 30-year-old Nandita Dutta, who has worked in adult web series and short videos.

The other accused has been identified as 39-year-old Mainak Ghosh. Both were arrested following a complaint by two young models.

One of the complainants alleged that Nandita Dutta and Mainak Ghosh forced her to work in a nude video at Ballygunge studio. The other model was reportedly forced by the same group to shoot an adult video at a hotel in New Town.

Acting on the complaint, the police arrested Dutta and Ghosh from their homes in Dumdum and Nakatla respectively.

According to the information, Datta and Ghosh were accused in obscene videos by threatening young models or by making false promises of “break” in the web series industry.

Alleged compulsion to participate. In some semi-porn material, Dutta is referred to as her screen persona “Nancy Bhabhi”. The police have taken Dutta and Ghosh in custody for a week.






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