Agreed.. So much hard work out, Yoga is the secret behind this coveted beauty..

Vidya Malvade is a famous Indian actress. The actor was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The actor has been active in the field of acting since 2003. The actor started his career as an air hostess. The actress’ first husband, Captain Arvind Singh Bagga, was a pilot for Alliance Air. In 2000, his flight, Allianz Air Flight 7412, crashed into a building in Patna and he died.Later, the actor got married to Sanjay Dayma, who worked with Ashutosh Gowariker at the Oscars in 2009. She then started modeling and was selected by commercial producer Prahlad Kakkar for some commercials. The actor has acted in many ad films. He was also active in modeling


The actor made his debut with Vikram Bhatt’s Inteha, which failed at the box office. After several unsuccessful films and several commercials, in 2007 Chak Dey India starred as the goalie and captain of the Indian women’s national hockey team. It got good reviews. The star’s latest movie was Yaara Silly Silly.


The actor is active on all social media platforms. The actor himself uploads his favorite photos and videos for his fans. The actor’s photos have received very good audience response so far. Whatever photos are shared, fans snap them up moments after they are shared. The actor has participated in many different and great photoshoots so far.


Now a yoga photo of the star is going viral. The words of the star along with the photo are getting the most attention of the fans. The actor wrote on Instagram that what I wear or not wear is my choice. The star has written a speech that points to the fact that no one can interfere with women’s freedom of dress. Anyway, the photos and captions have quickly gone viral among fans.






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