All eyes are on the tattoo on my chest… Actress words.

This is the age of social media influencers. Many people today have proved that it is not necessary to play great roles in many films to become known celebrities. Because the reality is that the media provides an opportunity for the society to develop their skills. That is why we have many social media celebrities who have gained millions of fans without appearing in movies and serials.

Many have achieved this feat by continuously sharing different photos and videos on social media. Many have gone viral by sharing variety photos on social media, especially in an attractive form. Similarly, many people became famous by sharing different videos on social media.

Everyone knows that photoshoots in hot and bold outfits are the easiest way to go viral on social media. Hence, many people are taking up modeling as a profession. Variety photoshoots are the biggest highlight on social media.It is a journey that many social media celebrities have been born through the application tiktok. Later after tiktok was banned in India, everyone became active on Instagram. They started sharing the photos they took on Instagram. Instagram Reels also gained more fans by constantly making videos

In this way, Ananya Rao is an actor who has gained a lot of fans by constantly sharing photos and videos on different social media platforms. The star, who shines as an actress and model, is the sister of famous film star Apoorva Rao. We can usually see photos and videos of these two together on social media.Now a new video of the star is going viral on social media. As usual, the actor has appeared in a cool bold outfit. The star’s chest tattoo has often gone viral on social media. Many eyes are on the star’s tattoo in the new video. Anyway, the star’s video has taken over social media.






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