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Amala Paul is an Indian actress. She works in the South Indian film industry. She has performed supporting roles in a number of films. She has received critical acclaim for the film Sindhu Samaveli. The film failed to earn money, but received a lot of praise. She later went on to appear in the film Mynaa, which was a hit with critics and audience alike.

Amala Paul is a South Indian film actress, who has worked in a number of successful movies. Her career started in the Kannada film industry and she is now a household name in the south Indian film industry. She has also been featured in movies in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

Initially, Amala specialised in modeling and appeared in Tv commercials. In 2010, she acted in the controversial movie Sindhu Samaveli. She also acted in the romantic drama ‘Mynaa’, as well as in a series of web series.

Amala Paul has an eye for detail, and she is a perfectionist. She is not easily rushed and can complete a project without sacrificing quality. She will also be able to design a space in a stylish, sophisticated way.

The couple’s relationship is no longer a secret. In fact, the actress herself recently confessed to a video interview that she had broken up with Vijay. However, there are several rumours surrounding the two. According to reports, the couple has parted ways because of lifestyle issues.

After the controversy, Amala Paul’s acting career soared. She acted in several Malayalam films, including the controversial SindusSamavely, and starred in a few tamil films as well. She later fell in love with Vijay and married him in 2014. They divorced in 2017, but remarried in 2018. Their second marriage produced a child.

While both Amala Paul and Vijay are busy with their careers, the couple is still rumored to be dating. They were first uncomfortable with flaunting their relationship. However, after a few months, they announced their relationship publicly. In July, they were married in a lavish ceremony. However, the couple later separated because of trust issues.

The recently released film Cadaver, produced by Amala Paul and directed by Anoop S Panicker, stars Amala Paul as a pathologist who is brought on board to solve a cold-blooded murder case. The film features excellent cinematography, superb production design, and a good soundtrack by Ranjin Raj. But for all its positives, Cadaver is an investigative thriller that lacks something.

The film has some good moments, but it lacks emotional depth in its emotional scenes. The performances by Amala Paul and Anoop Panike are good, but there is a lot of predictable material here. The film’s music is pleasant, but it does little to further the story.

Cadaver is a Tamil-language forensic investigative thriller directed by Anoop Panicker. It follows a recovering alcoholic Megan Reed (Amala Paul) who accepts a graveyard shift at her local police department. Her hope is to keep her mind off her alcoholism by focusing on this emotionally demanding job. However, when a mysterious corpse is discovered at the morgue, her world is turned upside down.

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