Another short film Triangle- A Flower Story has gone viral on YouTube.. Check it out !!

Another short film has gone viral on YouTube and now the audience has taken over the short film Triangle- A Flower Story. Another YouTube short film has conquered social media. Triangle – A Flower Story is a short film that was released on YouTube this past January 27.

This film is now becoming a wave among the audience. Within days of its release, this short film had more than 6 lakh viewers. Ansu Maria, Ashika Ashokan, Aswathi Nair, Sanja Somnath, Maqbool Salman, Sanif and K Jayakrishnan are playing the lead roles in this film which tells the story of three star couples.

Mithun Bose has written and directed this short film. The story of the film is written by Vibin Vishwanath. This short film is produced by Shajan Jose.

The camera of the film is handled by Riyaz Sharif and the editing is done by Sanal Raj. Arun Raj composed the music and Sandeep Sudha composed the music for this film. The song is sung by Arjun Unnikrishnan. Full of emotional moments, this short film goes through the life scenes of three star couples.

The director has beautifully presented the happy love moments, the pangs of separation and the pain of isolation in this film. This short film has been released through YouTube channel called SJ Visual Media






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