Aubrey Plaza Recalls Creeping Out Robert De Niro By Staying In Her Dirty Grandpa Character

Aubrey Plaza recalls creeping out Robert De Niro by staying in her character during the filming of “The Departed.” During a talk show appearance, the actress recalled the day she tried to creep De Niro out by staying in her character. The scene lasted nine or ten hours.

The actress is known for playing characters with intense arcs. In her most recent film, “Dirty Grandpa,” she worked with De Niro and recalled the times she felt uncomfortable in front of the actor. But she promised the audience that the uncomfortable moments were not on purpose.

After filming the film, Plaza recalls meeting De Niro at a cast and crew luncheon. When she met De Niro, she was out of character, so she avoided talking to him during the film. However, she did give De Niro a present that she was “terrified would get her fired.”






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