Bigg Boss 16 – Nimrit Kaur and Tina Datta Get Into a Major Fight, Watch video


Bigg Boss 16 has been known to throw high-voltage drama and there are several twists and turns to come. Last week’s reshuffle of bedroom partners changed the dynamics in the house. The pairing of Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta has also become a topic of discussion, as Shalin revealed his feelings about his former roommate Sumbul Khan. Tina Datta has stepped forward to ask Shalin to talk to her but he refuses.

Tina’s first reaction when Shalin reveals his feelings for her is shock. She is not convinced by the young man’s words and goes to Nimrit to vent her feelings. Tina is upset with Nimrit for being so harsh and doesn’t trust Shalin. Tina confronts Shalin, yelling at him for ignoring her, and accuses him of breaking his heart.

As a part of the Bigg Boss 16 housemates, Tina and Nimrit have started a conversation about their favourite housemates. Some have chosen Gautam Vig as their favourites. Abdu and MC Stan were also among the top three. Soundarya Sharma and Tina Datta were not chosen by anyone, but Bigg Boss did.

Another episode of Bigg Boss has just been released. Shalin and Tina have a falling out after Shalin called her “Sha” during an episode of Bigg Boss. Shalin told Tina not to call him ‘Sha’ if she wants to stay with him.

The Bigg Boss housemates aren’t the only ones getting into a fight this season. Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot were inseparable when it came to preparing the game and patching up fights, but now they’re at loggerheads. However, the friendship between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz made them popular. Salman Khan has said that everyone is trying to imitate the previous season’s contestants.

Keeping the drama alive, Bigg Boss 16 has given the contestants a task to decide who will be eliminated from the house. The contestants will be paired up and one pair will be crowned the winner. Meanwhile, Shalin Bhanot is questioning Gautam’s feelings for Soundarya and advises him to draw the line.

Bigg Boss 16 has been a controversial reality show starring Salman Khan. It’s on Colors TV every day. In the promo for the show, the fate of Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot is shown, and both Tina Datta and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia are determined to save them.


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