Body positive babe flaunts curves and cellulite as she wows in sexy lingerie


A body positive babe stripped down to her undies to show off her curves and cellulite in a bid to prove bodies are beautiful from all different angles.


Ariella Nyssa, who often shares body positive posts with her 745,000 Instagram followers, completely stunned in the latest series of gorgeous snaps she shared.

She looked amazing as she oozed confidence when she posed for the pictures.

In the saucy snaps, she wore gorgeous undies designed by Lounge Underwear.

The set was a sky blue colour, and it was decorated with deep pink flowers and bows.

To make the lingerie a little extra sexy – the design also comprised of a mesh-effect material, which made the set slightly see-through too.

When Ariella shared the pictures, she simply captioned the post: “Different angles, ALL still beautiful.”

The caption carried a very important message, as in each photograph she posed in a different way.

As well as this they were all taken from different angles to show how bodies can change when positioned differently.

Ariella proudly showed off her curves in the snaps as you could clearly see her natural tummy, the relaxed creases in her body from where she was sitting down and her cellulite.

The unedited snaps also revealed a bruise on her leg, and Ariella’s followers managed to get a glimpse of her tattoos too.

Since she shared the pictures, more than 8,000 people have liked them.

Dozens of people also left comments, and the influencer has since been dubbed “sexy.”

One person said: “I’m so grateful to have found you and your book.”

A second commented: “You are always beautiful at every angle.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “I look up to what a confident and sexy woman you are.

“Hoping all of us curvy girls can have the confidence you do.”


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