BTS to Collaborate With Pharrell Williams Next For Phriends Volume One


Pharrell recently confirmed that BTS will be collaborating with him on his next album. The two have been teasing each other since Pharrell interviewed the members of the South Korean boy band for a Rolling Stone feature. The new collab will appear on the American producer’s upcoming album, Phriends Volume One. The collab will also feature Travis Scott, who Pharrell has previously collaborated with.

While BTS is currently on hiatus until 2025, the group members have announced that they will continue to collaborate individually. While the group is on hiatus, RM has said that Pharrell Williams will be the next artist BTS will collaborate with. RM also hinted that BTS will be on the new album after being mentioned in Pharrell Williams’ Rolling Stone interview.

BTS RM also revealed that Pharrell Williams had offered to work with the group on his upcoming solo album. The news has led to speculation that a second collaboration between the two will take place on the same album. The two artists were also tagged on Twitter accounts by Rolling Stone.

The news that BTS will be collaborating with Pharrell Williams on his next album was released with some surprise. RM has already revealed that he has been a fan of Pharrell Williams for a while and hopes to work with him someday.


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