Business Zoom Magazine Modeling Awards Announced… Model Of The Year Award Goes To Seetu Lakshmi…

No one will forget the actor who covered his face with flowers killed for Vishu and heated up the entire social media space. And this Onam, the star has managed to go viral by hiding her nudity with flowers on top of the flower bed. Yes, it is about a young model named Seetu Lakshmi. It is a great fortune to find the star now. Business Zoom Magazine Modeling Awards have been announced now.

Business Zoom Magazine Modeling, Model of the Year Award has been given to Seetu Lakshmi. The comments are being written that they deserve the award for whatever reason. State Revenue Minister K Rajan gave the award to the actor as part of the Kerala Business Fashion Fest 2022. The actor was able to win this huge feat from a very talented audience.And now the star has a lot more to share. The actor is now a brand model for the business zoom lifestyle product FZ Perf. It is understood that the star is getting great opportunities and recognition through the photo shoots that the star has already shared. Even though the actor has to listen to a lot of criticism, accusations, taunts and insults, now the actor has got an enviable achievement.

The star has participated in many model photo shoots, but the highlight is the photo shoot where she covered herself with flowers for Vishu and now for Onam, she covered her nakedness with flowers in the middle of the flower field. Those photos have managed to rock the social media space. The fact that those photos remained in the social media for a long time is a great achievement for the group and the activists.






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