Daisy copied Nimisha’s superb photos.. Bigg Boss stars demolished

Bigg Boss is a reality show that has a lot of fans all over the world. Bigg Boss reality show is running very successfully in different languages ​​of India. So far 4 seasons of Bigg Boss reality show have been completed in our Malayalam too. Malayalam’s star king Mohanlal is hosting the Big Bus reality show, which has many fans.

Bigg Buzz reality show Season 4 has ended recently. The social media influencer has appeared more in the Bigg Boss house this time. Many who were little known have become celebrities in a big way after entering the Bigg Boss house. Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan, Dilsha Prasannan & Musa Jasmin are the biggest examples of that.

Nimisha and Dicey were contestants in season 4 of the Bigg Boss house. Two people are active in the field of modeling. One is active in front of the camera while the other is behind the camera. Nimisha, who is known as a fitness influencer, has participated in many model photo shoots. They have also been shared on social media for fans.

On the same occasion, Dicey is the star who took up photography as a professional. Has done a lot of cool photoshoots. He has brought many well-known celebrities as models in front of his camera. A look at Daisy’s tail gives us an idea of ​​how talented she is in photography.

Now Nimisha who was with her in the Bigg Boss house has appeared as a hot model in front of Daisy’s camera. Nimisha appeared before the camera as hot and bold. Dicey has managed to capture the moment beautifully on camera. Anyway, the photos have gone viral on social media.






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