Did Kylie Jenner copy Sridevi’s silver look? Fans say Mr India actress ‘did it first’

Fans of the late Sridevi are busy praising Kylie Jenner’s new look. Some have speculated that the popular teen actress is wearing designer makeup. The actress was a superstar of the Hindi film industry who died in Dubai at the age of 54. Her acting career began in 1969 with Thunaivan, and she went on to star in a string of films, including Chandni and Chalbaaz. Her final film was Mom.

Sridevi wore a silver top in the 1990s and Kylie Jenner has copied her look in a recent photo shoot. Both women wore a silver-colored top with a striking cowl neck and hood, as well as similar makeup and hairstyles. According to reports, Sridevi’s outfit was designed by Indian fashion designer Xerxes Bhathena, who also designed clothes for Pooja Bhatt in the 1990s. Her silver dress, meanwhile, was reportedly created by Spanish designer Paco Rabanne, which is where Kylie got hers.

Fans of the late actress have shared old pictures of Sridevi wearing a silver top. The outfit has a cowl neck, attached hood, and is said to be part of Paco Rabanne’s 1997/98 fall-winter collection. Sridevi’s look is so iconic that even Kylie Jenner has copied the look.

On her 25th birthday, Kylie Jenner celebrated in style with a silver backless top. Netizens claimed that the supermodel had copied the 90s vintage look worn by Sridevi. In fact, the silver top is very similar to one worn by Sridevi.

Fans rushed to social media to share old photos of Sridevi wearing a similar outfit. Sridevi was an icon of her time, and was considered ahead of her time in fashion and style. Her silver top and hooded chainmail top was a hit with fans, and fans believe that Kylie Jenner has copied the look.

Sridevi wore a silver dress in the 1997 film ‘Kalank’ and fans have noticed a similarity in the actress’ hairstyle and makeup. The designer of Sridevi’s look was Xerxes Bhathena, who reportedly designed dresses for many Bollywood stars in the 1990s. According to the website, Kylie also copied the look, wearing a pair of dual-toned pants, sparkly silver tops, and nude makeup.

Sridevi’s look is so iconic that a recent Instagram photo of her wearing a silver top has sparked a fashion craze. The top features a cowl neck with a hood attached and is thought to be from Paco Rabanne’s 1997/98 fall-winter collection. In the 1990 photo of Sridevi, she was seen wearing a similar top.

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne created an archival piece that would be a perfect fit for the star. The piece featured a cowl-neck and shimmery chain-mesh and is the perfect example of the designer’s signature style. The model paired the top with gray pants and a Hermes Kelly bag. Her feet complemented the outfit with a pair of PVC wedge heels.

In an Instagram post, Kylie Jenner wore a vintage silver chainmail hooded top that is similar to a dress worn by Kylie Minogue in a 2001 video. The outfit, which she paired with pointed perspex heels, is similar to a similar style worn by Minogue in her 2001 music video.

Sridevi was one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood, and her silver look became a sensation a few years back. Now, fans of the actress are comparing her silver look with Kylie Jenner’s. The actress was photographed wearing a hooded silver chainmail top, which fans praised for its similarity to Kylie’s silver top.

A fan page dedicated to Sridevi’s look shared pictures of her and Kylie, both of whom wore silver tops. The women also wore similar hairstyles and makeup. Interestingly, Sridevi’s silver top was designed by Indian fashion designer Xerxes Bhathena, while Kylie wore a silver top from the 1997/98 fall-winter collection of Paco Rabanne.

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