Do you see my heart? If not, take a look..Anamika Sengar showed his fans where his heart is by wearing a heart top..

Today, social media is ruled by photo shoots. Every day when we wake up, we witness new photo shoots.


Now when we open social media, we see photo shoots in variety looks.


From movie stars to serial stars are active in the field of modeling.


The truth is that there is no celebration without photo shoots.

Today’s models are waiting for every important day.


It doesn’t matter what they show, most of today’s models and photographers are thinking that they want to be known by a few people on social media.


Nowadays, what can be seen on social media are hot and glamor shots where the body is exposed.


Therefore, many of today’s models are the first to do such glamor shoots. Nowadays, Christmas shoots of many models are seen more on social media.


Now here is a South indian model ‘Anamika sengar’ who has come up with such a shoot on social media.

The star appeared in the pictures with a wine glass in her hand in a hot look.


All the pictures have gone viral on social media. Before this, Neeraja Nair is also a model who has become a star on social media by doing this kind of glamor shoots.








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