Esther has shared some glamourous photos, and see whats her fans says in the comments

Esther Anil entered the film industry by portraying Mythili’s childhood in the movie Nallavan. She also acted in the Tamil and Telugu versions of the scene. The glamor pictures shared by Esther Anil are now going viral among the fans. These are the pictures taken when I arrived in Bangalore for a party with friends.

The pictures were shared about parties hating, let’s go home. Interesting comments and fans below the pictures. Doesn’t that Rani sister see any of this ?. someone’s word that is reminiscent of Drishyam 2. Esther plays the role of Anumol in the movie Drishyam.

The player performs well in the second part as well as in the first part. Esther is currently graduating from Mumbai. Recently, Shaji N. Karun acted in the movie Ol. The next movie to be released is Jack and Jill. Esther will be working in the second part of the Telugu version of Drishyam 2, directed by Jeethu Joseph and starring Venkatesh.