Ex-Playboy babe Coco Austin slammed for wearing G-string bikini at water park !!


A mum has been slammed after rocking a G-string bikini to a water park with her six-year-old daughter.

Coco Austin is currently on holiday in the Bahamas with her American rapper husband Ice-T and their daughter Chanel.

But after sharing poolside snaps at Baha Bay Water Park, the former Playboy model has been accused of being inappropriate.

The 43-year-old and her daughter rocked matching pink and blue bikinis on the water park excursion.

But little Chanel’s outfit had regular bottoms, while Coco’s featured a skimpy G-string design to put her booty on display.

The images, which shows other kids in the background, have angered other parents who branded Coco’s outfit as wrong.

Out of her 3million followers, one said: “Your bathing suit is so NOT appropriate for a water park.”

Another wrote: “So I gotta ask, don’t you ever feel like maybe at a kid-friendly place a G-string is inappropriate?

“Just curious if you ever feel like that.”

A third blasted: “INAPPROPRIATE for a water park.”

While a fourth commented: “Girl put some clothes on when your child is around, smh [shaking my head].”

However Coco didn’t appear to break any water park rules with her skimpy outfit.

According to the Baha Bay Water Park’s website, guests are required to adhere to a dress code.

This states swimsuits, pool attire and similar apparel are all acceptable clothing, but doesn’t state that G-strings are not allowed.

And many of her followers claimed she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

One said: “She’s in a bikini in the Bahamas. Why should she have to adjust her clothing because there are kids?”


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