Fans are many kinds of inspiration, Prerona Goswami, the favorite star, made fans go round with her looks.

Prerona Goswami is a woman of action, vision, and purpose. She is a key actor in the fight against COVID-19, the disease that causes climate disasters. As an environmentalist and former CEO, she has a passion for empowering women and promoting sustainable development.

Women are among the most vulnerable people to epidemics, particularly COVID-19. They represent nearly 70 percent of the health care workforce around the world, and 90 percent of nurses are women.

These women are making a real difference in communities and small towns, and they must be a key part of the COVID-19 response. The campaign for gender equality has called for women leaders to take a leadership role in combating COVID-19.

Women leaders are among the most essential actors in the battle against COVID-19, which will affect global health in the years to come. These leaders are well-established in their own countries and on the international political stage. They are in a leadership role in tackling the outbreak, and their voices will be critical in ensuring the safety of health workers and patients.

Prerona Goswami, an organization working in Satkhira, Bangladesh, is at the intersection of gender equality, climate change, disaster risk reduction, and livelihoods. Prerona understands the importance of women’s perspectives and leadership when it comes to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. The organization has been working in the community for six years, and UN Women is proud to support its voice.

After the cyclone devastated the coastal districts of Bangladesh, Prerona and her team helped the people there by providing food packets to those who were stranded. The team also spoke to those in the cyclone shelters about how to protect themselves from harmful radiation. They encouraged them to wear masks and maintain physical distancing. This was a major challenge in a densely populated shelter.

Prerona Goswami is an Assamese activist who has made a mark in the world of women’s leadership. She founded an organization in Satkhira, Bangladesh, that works at the intersection of gender equality, disaster risk reduction, livelihoods, and climate change.

Her work is especially important because women can bring a unique perspective and set of solutions to the table, which can help communities better prepare and respond to disasters.

As women continue to gain education and qualify professionally, the gender gap in the workforce must be less of an issue than it once was. Consequently, businesses must provide training and development opportunities for future women leaders.

Unfortunately, male leaders often fail to recognize the unique challenges women face in the workplace. Many women find the conventional business environment to be unfriendly, stressful, and unsafe.

Prerona Goswami, a woman from Bangladesh, saw an opportunity to make a living while helping her community during a recent cyclone. During the cyclone, over two million people were evacuated to safe havens. She used her skills to help them, by providing food packets and training in protective gear. In addition, she also helped distribute masks to the survivors.

Prerona’s organization works at the intersection of disaster risk reduction, gender equality and livelihoods. She believes that women bring a unique breadth of perspectives and solutions, which can help communities prepare and respond better to disasters.

She has been working with communities in Satkhira, Bangladesh, for six years. In the process, she has been supported by UN Women, an organization that empowers women in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

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