Fans are thinking that all the sreps are gone.. An Atar item is ready to shake up the fans.. Honey Rose’s cool dance practice video,

In 2005, actress Honey Rose entered the acting field with the film ‘Boy Friend’ directed by Vinayan with newcomers in the lead roles. Starring in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages ​​from 2012 to 2013, Honey Rose focuses exclusively on Malayalam.

Honey Rose is one of the busiest actresses in Malayalam today. The movie Trivandrum Lodge with Jayasuriya changed Honey Rose’s film career. Later many good characters came here in search of Honey Rose.She has acted as the heroine in superhit films like Hotel California, Gods on Clitus, Ring Master, Chunk.S and Ittamani.

Many days I ran to the movie theater. But I had to listen to a lot of criticism on social media.Many have commented that I am very glamorous. That being said, there are some mistakes in other people’s dialogues. But it is reported that the family audience enjoyed the film a lot.

After Chunks I had to say no to many films I approached.I decided to do Chunks because I felt that the story or character of the films done so far was not the same. A spectacular show was held at Chunks Theatre. But the film was criticized in a small way on social media.

At the same time, the actress also appeared in several photoshoots. Fans are waiting for photos of the most beautiful actress in any role. Shaleena looks hot and bold in a saree or a glittering glamor dress and the actress looks absolutely beautiful in the photos.The latest pictures and videos of the star are now viral on social media.

Social media is filled with the dance practice of the program which is part of a stage show of the stars.Fans say that the beauty of the actress has increased. It can be said that even at this age, Honey is an actress who looks at body beauty like this. The star is now following the star in the eyes of the fans.

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