Fans put their hands over their noses after hearing the monthly income of negative star Anjita on YouTube

Anjita Nair and her channel Beautytips Anjita Nair are making waves in cyberspace. Anjita shares all her details through her channel.

Anjali was able to win a lot of fans just because of her body type. Anjali has been active on social media with many pictures and videos, including makeup videos and Tiktok videos.

Many people follow the actor only on social media. Every picture and video is celebrated with great response. But in spite of being supported by so many people, I have had to face bad experiences from many people.

It must be said that the star’s YouTube videos are getting more dislikes than likes. Negative publicity is the reason why the actor became so popular.

Now an interview of the actor is going viral on social media.

The answer to the presenter’s question is that the monthly income is between two to two and a half lakhs. The actor earns so much from YouTube alone. It is also said that the actor earns a lot through promotions.






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