Fjolla Morina appears provocatively in the latest photos !!

Interpol has declared Fjolla Morina internationally wanted for trafficking weapons in Albania. She was arrested in September last year, when she was spotted with a “Zoraki” pistol and 23 bullets in her car. This arrest led to a lengthy investigation of the woman’s criminal past.

Fjolla Morina is a well-known musician and band from Albania. Her charting position shows the number of streams and views her songs have received. She has also reached a number of regional charts in her native country. Currently, she is ranked #378 in the Albania Artists Chart.

Fjolla Morina was recently arrested in Prishtina, Albania. She was declared an international wanted person in Albania by the Basic Prosecution. Authorities said she was involved in arms and ammunition trafficking.

After being declared internationally wanted by Interpol last year, Fjolla Morina was charged with trafficking in weapons in Albania. Her first arrest came last September at the border crossing point of Morina, where she was found with a “Zoraki” pistol and 23 bullets in her car.

After spending over a month under house arrest in Kukes, Morina was freed by Kosovo Police on Monday. The arrest was in response to Interpol’s request to confirm that Morina was a wanted international criminal. As a result, she was sentenced to six years in prison. Despite the long-term consequences of her arrest, she continued to be active on social media, posting pictures and videos of her life and her husband, Fisnik Syla, while in Kosovo.

Kosovo singer Fjolla Morina was recently criticised for performing in provocative costumes in front of children. According to the local media, hundreds of people attended her concert, including children. In addition, Morina showed off her provocative dancing moves in front of the small audience. As a result, Kosovo Assembly MPs expressed their displeasure and criticized the singer.

The news of Fjolla Morina’s upcoming marriage to Fisnik Syla sparked a lot of media attention. In the past few months, the two had changed their social media statuses from engaged to married. But, now, they have changed it back.

Last March, Fjolla Morina and Fisnik Syla tied the knot in the Maldives. The couple were married despite the fact that Fjolla Morina was wanted by the police. The couple shared a photo of their wedding on social media.

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