From saree to bikini!!! … Neha Iyer’s new photos go viral

Neha Iyer is an actress who has proved her talent as a model. The actor has been active in the field of acting since 2017.

The actor has been able to achieve great audience popularity and support through each character that he has gone through, so much so that the actor approaches each role in a good form. The audience accepted each role of the star with full applause.

The actor is acting for the first time in the 2017 movie Tharangam. Tovino Thomas and Baluvarghese played the main roles in the movie.

The actor later appeared in the successful 2019 Dileep film Kharta Samaksham Balan Vakil. Mamta Mohandas played the heroine in this movie which is a comedy crime mystery. Fans were able to see the actor as part of this movie which received a lot of praise from the audience.

The actor was also able to act in the serial XYX which was aired in 2019. The actor appeared in the first 5 episodes. The actor has already proved that he can handle any type of character and can handle it with ease.

Therefore, the fans are hoping that the star will get invited to many important roles in the future. The actor has already won many fans with his acting skills and beauty. The actor has handled each character in a manner that is endearing to the audience.

The actor has won lakhs of fans through each of his films. Although the actor appeared in very few films, the actor played a small role, but he handled all of them very well. The star has also managed to garner massive audience support and social media support through any type of character.

The actor is also active in the field of modeling. The actor, who is active on social media, has participated in many model photoshoots. The actor has a lot of fans on Instagram alone. That is why most of the photos shared by the star tend to go viral.

The actor mostly shares hot and bold looking photos. That’s why the audience takes each and every photo of the star very quickly. 

Now the photos in bikini and saree are going viral among the fans. The photos are going viral among the audience with the caption “Which dress is more beautiful”. The photos were quickly taken over by fans.






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