Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin – Vinayak Will Lock Himself In Room To Avoid Being Discovered

In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaaar Meiin, Sai is looking for his missing son Vinayak. He asks the nurse for advice. She tells him that many people have died in an accident. Then Sai snaps at the nurse, saying that her idea is wrong.

As the show continues, Ashwini, Virat’s wife, walks into Virat’s room and tries to stop him from saying anything to Sai. She warns him not to talk to Sai because he might say something that he will regret later. Sai is not satisfied and she prays to God for him to forget his past. She also accuses him of killing her father, which makes Virat angry.

Virat is shocked and wants to leave Sai. However, the police discuss the idea of calling her a baby thief. Virat then stands up for Sai and asks the police to put Pakhi in jail.

Vinayak is a calculating man. He will do whatever it takes to avoid getting caught. If he finds out, he will end up locking himself in a room to avoid being discovered. The reason he will do so is because of his feelings for Sai. The two will have to confront each other again at a later date to decide if they can be together.

The Chavan family made Devyani mentally ill by separating them. Sai’s plan is to reunite them but Pakhi tries to stop him. Omkar and Bhavani intervene. When the police arrive, Virat and Sai have a heart-to-heart talk and Sai decides to get back together.

Sai has rented a flat in Nagpur and wants to be with Vinayak. Virat was against this but ultimately relented to Pakhi’s insistence. But he is unsure whether he will accept Vinayak’s treatment.

Virat’s resentment is apparent, but he tries to make the best of the situation. He brings food for Sai and tries to convince her to take it easy. However, she ignores him. She then hugs the photo frame of Vinayak and goes to sleep. Meanwhile, Virat keeps thinking about Sai.






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