Glamor model ‘Vaiga Mol’ with a bottle of beer in her hand…see photos…!!

Now is the season of photo shoots. Wherever you look, social media is full of photo shoots with this kind of variety look.

Every day, new stars are active in this field. Therefore, modeling and photo shoot are trending.

It is the beauty and body beauty that make everyone mesmerize these types of stars that are loved by fans.

Even movie serial stars are now behind modeling and photo shoots. Hot and glamor shoots are the easiest way most models choose to go viral.

Perhaps these types of stars are needed by today’s social media. Therefore, today’s models are thinking that no matter what they show, they should go viral.

In this way, many stars from Kerala are active in this field. Vaiga Mol is a glamor star who has been shining in the modeling field for many years.

The star is active in this field by showing her body openly. Her mane Azhak is what makes her a favorite star of her fans. Now the star is also active on social media.

Now here are the new glamor pictures of the star which are going viral on social media. The star is very hot with a bottle of beer in his hand.






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