Gulki Joshi Unveils the Upcoming Sequence in ‘Maddam Sir’


‘Maddam Sir’ has been one of the biggest hit series on the small screen in recent times. The show has been aired by Sony SAB and has a strong female lead cast. The show also focuses on solving cases and has also touched upon topics of women empowerment and mental health.

It has delivered a lot and has been able to impart messages that are relevant to the society. Moreover, the show has portrayed women police officers who have successfully broken societal stereotypes.

The show is set in the Mahila Police Thana in Lucknow. It revolves around the lives of four dynamic female police officers.

The show is set to highlight the lives of four female police officers in the Mahila Police Thana in Lucknow. The story will also focus on the nexus of criminals and the impact of the local authority on the lives of people in the city.

The show is created by actor and producer Harman Baweja, who has teamed up with director Jatin Wagle.

The show has featured a strong female lead cast, including Gulki Joshi as SHO Haseena Malik, Sonali Naik as Pushpa Singh, Gaurav Wadhwa as Sunny and Yukti Kapoor as Karishma Singh.

The show has also been able to touch upon a variety of contemporary themes, including women empowerment, mental health, societal stereotypes and bullying. The show also has a strong message, which is that policing with your heart can be effective.


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