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Yashika Aannand is an Indian actress, model and television personality. She works mainly in Tamil films and television shows. She has won several awards for her acting. In addition to her film career, Yashika is a fashion designer and has worked in print and commercial ads.

In July, Yashika Aannand was involved in a car accident and suffered multiple fractures to her leg and hip. She had to stay in a private hospital for several weeks to undergo rehabilitation. The incident left Yashika devastated and she was unable to walk for around five months. She even had to use tubes to relieve herself.

Following the crash, a team of emergency workers rushed to the scene and rescued the four victims. The four people were taken to a hospital near Mamallapuram. However, Vallichetti and Bhavani were declared dead and their bodies were sent to a medical centre in Chengalpattu for an autopsy. Meanwhile, Yashika’s father said that his daughter was doing well. She has three fractures and will have two more operations.


Physiotherapy after accident for Yashiki Aannand was an important step towards recovery after the tragic accident that left her in a critical condition. The artist and participant of the popular TV show Big Boss 2 was involved in a car accident last month. She suffered fractures in her legs and hips and was advised to spend the next three months in a bed. Physiotherapy has helped Yashiki regain her strength and mobility.

The actress underwent physiotherapy for several months after the accident, which has been highly beneficial. Since the accident, Yashiki has completed her new film, SJ Surya’s “Paasam”. However, two other projects have been postponed due to her accident. The actress has repaid the advance amounts to the filmmakers concerned.

Bollywood actress Yashika Aannand is currently recovering from a car accident. According to a recent health update, she was hospitalized with multiple fractures in her right leg and hip. She’ll be unable to walk for about five months. Fortunately, her condition is not life-threatening, and doctors are optimistic that she will recover completely.

Yashika Anand had been travelling with friends on the East Coast Road near Mahabalipuram when she was involved in an accident on the road. Yashika was taken to the hospital, where she underwent multiple surgeries. Her family has been informed about her condition. Her sister says that one important surgery has been completed, and that more will be performed over the next few days. Police have started an investigation into the cause of the accident

Recently, Yashika Aannand shared a heartbreaking update on her health status, addressing the hateful remarks and rumours about her. The actress is currently being treated in a private hospital. On August 2, she was transferred from the intensive care unit (ICU) to the general ward. The accident left her with major injuries. She also lost her close friend Pavani in the incident. Since the accident, Yashika has been active on social media, sharing important updates and responding to rumours.

Yashika Aannand had a devastating car accident last month. She suffered multiple fractures to her pelvic bone and will be unable to walk for five months. In addition to losing her best friend, she has also suffered from severe injuries. Recently, she shared an update on her health via Instagram.

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