I have enjoyed in the shadow of the movie – I have fulfilled all my lust like that – Rekha has opened up about her life.

Rekha is one of the best heroines in Bollywood. Rekha is an actress who can be described as an iconic star in Indian cinema. Rekha was born as the daughter of Jamini Ganesan and Pushpavalli. Therefore, the truth is that it did not take much time for Rekha to make a place for herself in the cinema. Her original name was Bhanurekha but by the time she got into the film, it was shortened to Rekha. Rekha is an actor who entered the cinema at the age of thirteen.

It must be said that Bollywood was the platform of Rekha. Rekha also acquired many fans. Actress Rekha had a very different life. It was the same whether it was on screen or off screen. Everyone says that Rekha was a unique character in Bollywood who had many fans.

After Rekha and before Rekha, there is no actress like this in the Bollywood film world. Rekha used to go back full of enthusiasm to the venues where she still appears. The audience loved Rekha so much. Rekha’s personal life also received a lot of attention.

The truth is that her marriage with a businessman named Mukesh Agarwal, her romance with Amita Bachchan and the gossips with Akshay Kumar and others have changed the record. But Rekha is also a person who talks about her life and her love without any hesitation. Once in an interview, Rekha even spoke openly about her drinking habit.

The question was why there is no news about alcoholism. This is what Rekha says, and of course I have been drinking non-stop. I have used ma-, ya-, ku, ma, ru. I was very unclean. Ka,mi,chi,tund intensely. Rekha’s reply was, “What will you ask with life?”


The biggest controversy in Rekha’s life was the news with actor Amitabh Bachchan. This love gossip was widely discussed in Bollywood






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