I suffered a lot with my body for the film… No one should take this route… Farah Shibila

Farah Shibila is a young actress working in the Malayalam film industry. The actor will be acting for the first time in the 2019 movie Patshi Ammini Pillai, where Asifali played the central role.

The actor played a plus size heroine in the film. Patshi Ammini Pillai was the first and one of the best movie of the actor’s career. The actor played the role of Kanti in the movie in a very good form.

The best opportunities are still coming to the actor as he was able to show his excellent acting in his first film and received applause. The actor has also appeared in the movie Saif. The actor played a very impressive role in that movie.

Tovino Thomas Kalyani Priyadarshan Katha’s role in the movie Thallumala is remarkable.The most important upcoming movie is DeVos directed by Mini IG. The audience is waiting for the new movies of the actor with great expectations as the actor has achieved great popularity with his first film.

While shining as a film actress, the actor is also active in the modeling field. The actor has been sharing photoshoots in very different forms.Anything shared goes viral very quickly.

A few days ago, the actor shared a hot bikini photo for them as there are people who are looking for a way to commit suicide when their body weight increases and who do not wear clothes of their choice for fear of moral eyes.

They went viral on social media very quickly.But now some words are making waves for the actor. The actor is saying the words in the form of the actor himself tortured his body for the movie Pakshi Amminipillai.

Because that time the actor had gained 15 kg only for the film. The actor says that none of the methods used to gain weight were healthy and therefore no one should adopt that method. The actor said that he was increasing the food that day.

The actor used to eat chicken and wheat foods. However, the actor says that when he received a comment that he wanted to gain more weight during the audition, he increased the amount of food, and no one realized it when the trailer of the movie Patshi Ammini Pillai was released.

The actor said that the body should not gain weight too quickly by adopting such methods. Very soon the fans have taken the star’s words.

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