I wear what I like and she wears what she likes. No one’s permission is required.

Ira Khan has been the most talked about person on social media for the past few days.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s outfit on her birthday was the talk of the town on social media. There was widespread criticism of the star’s attire.

The star appeared in a bikini with her boyfriend on her birthday. And Ameer Khan was with his daughter during the birthday celebration. Photos of father and daughter cutting the cake together have gone viral on social media.

We could see the daughter wearing a bikini with her father on social media. Criticisms came from many directions. Can a father appear like this with his daughter, celebrating her birthday in a bikini? Moral comments like that started coming under the star’s photo.

On the same occasion, many people came forward in support of the star. Now Sona Malhotra has come forward in support of the star. She doesn’t need anyone’s permission to wear whatever she wants.

Let her wear what she likes.. what is the concern of the rest. It is not enough to look only at their affairs. Sona Malhotra came to the scene saying that.

Sona Malhotra is a friend and singer of Ira Khan. The star came in support of the star and against the patriarchal mindset prevailing in the society.

The actor shared the photos on social media during his 25th birthday celebrations. Then the actor had to listen to very bad comments and trolls.” She is a mature girl who has completed 25 years.

She is an independent minded girl who can think for herself. You are questioning her choice. Neither her father nor you have the right to decide what she should wear.Sona has written that.






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