In the second month after the wedding, what happened to Mahalakshmi! Greetings fans


Tamil serial actress and anchor Mahalakshmi’s marriage was the talk of the town on social media. The reason for this is that Mahalakshmi is married to Libra Ravi, a producer.

The truth is that Mahalakshmi’s marriage went viral because of Libra Ravi body shaming. Some people came up with comments like how could this girl like such a fat man.

Both of them came forward by talking about this matter. Many people came out in support of Libra Ravi. But there are those who say that Mahalakshmi fell in love with him after seeing that he and Mahalakshmi were in love. He also said that he has only one thing to say to such people.

The actor asked whether Mahalakshmi’s contact list would have people with more money than him, yet Mahalakshmi had no particular reason to choose him. These very words had gained attention very quickly.

Now two months after the marriage, Mahalakshmi’s happy news comes out. Some online media are reporting the news that the actress is pregnant. People are saying that the reason why the actress is pregnant is that Mahalakshmi’s belly has grown a little while they were eating together. From this, the audience is raising the question whether the actress is pregnant.

Some people are asking through comments that the new guest is entering the life by two months after the marriage. But the stars have not given any confirmation in this regard. Therefore, the audience is waiting for the confirmation from their side. Mahalakshmi has also appeared in the role of a villain in the serial Harichandanam which aired on Asianet.

The character of Rose was one of the characters that got Mahalakshmi’s attention. Mahalakshmi is an active presence on social media. Fans take over every feature of the star. The actress also shares her pictures with her husband through social media.


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