Is there anyone better than me? Model with cool pictures

Photoshoots now rule social media. After social media is opened, variety photoshoots are the most seen.

Everyone who is active on social media has realized that photoshoots are the easiest way to go viral.

Many models these days are ready to take photo shoots to extremes in order to go viral.

Glamor photoshoots are now seen in hot and boring outfits. Today’s photoshoot model is prepared to take the glamor level to the extreme.

Siya Bhattacharya is an actor who is full of social media by taking variety photos.

More than three lakh fans follow the actor on Instagram alone. Therefore, most of the photos shared by the actor are making waves on social media.

Now one of the pictures shared by the actor on Instagram has gone viral. The photos that the star usually shares on Instagram are hot photos. This time too, the actor shared a hot photo without any difference from the usual.Is there anyone better than me?! The star has given the caption “Look at this photo and tell yourself..”







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