Is this the same kid from Guppy… Nandana Verma looks like an angel in a saree..

Nandana Varma is an actor who has won a huge fan base after appearing as a child actor in the Malayalam film industry. Although the actor has appeared in only a few films, the actor has gained a huge fan base among the Malayalis. The actor has been active in the film industry since 2012. The actor started his career with a small role in the movie Spirit starring Mohanlal Kaniha and others.

Then the actor played small and big roles in many great films. The star was able to achieve everything through this with full audience support. The actor acted in a very small role in the films Ayaal Tom Nyaum Kemku, Crocodile Love Story, 1983, Ring Master, Life of Josootie and Mili. But the actor went ahead to mark his place. A lot of great acting opportunities came my way.

The actor’s roles were notable in films such as Poletan veedu, Sunday Holiday, Aakash Mitai, Mohabbatein Kunjabdulla and Anchaam Pathira. Apart from Malayalam, the actor also acted in Tamil. The actor made his debut in Tamil through the movie Rajavuk Chek today and now the actor has fans in Tamil as well as among the Malayalees. The actor has played a similar lead role in the film Wank, which came out as the main character.

In any case, the fans are of the opinion that the star will be able to be a part of the best films in the coming years through important acting roles. The actor is active on all social media platforms. The actor himself regularly shares photos, videos and news with his fans. The actor mostly acted as a child actor, but seeing the photos that are coming out now, it should be understood that the actor is preparing to become a heroine.

Now the glamorous looking photos have been released. The actor is now seen looking hot in a saree. The audience gives a round of applause to the new photos. Fans have quickly taken over the actor’s photos with great comments. Now everyone is asking if this is the same Oomchikutty from Guppy. The star’s new photos are doing the rounds on social media.






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