It has been very varied, with new photoshoot images garnering the attention of social media

Now is the season of photoshoots, the current favorite pastime of Malayalees is to share any detail of their life through photoshoots on social media, nowadays weddings can’t happen without photoshoots, wedding photoshoots have become fashionable, save the date, post wedding etc.

Not only that, after getting pregnant, maternity photo shoot, then baby photo shoot after the baby is born, cord tying, milk feeding, birthday celebrations etc., the main person for all this is the photo shoot, no ceremony is complete without a photo shoot. So many people have become addicted to photo shoots.These types of photoshoot images are very popular in social media.

people come forward by taking these types of images, some photoshoots become very controversial, people who do photoshoots also get a lot of attention, such a photoshoot is now gaining attention in social media.A couple’s photoshoot is now gaining attention in social media, these are pictures from the beach, many people have come forward to take the pictures, but despite the criticism of the pictures, some people are coming.

the photos are not suitable for Indian culture.Buddhi Manna Buddhi Donkey Are these people going down to such a low level? God Kollam to nalla. The film has received many criticisms like Olaka and others saying that it is not a shame to show people what to do in the bedroom, but people are also coming to support them.

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