What do you want me to bare… I will do what I think is right.. Janaki against critics…

Janaki Sudhir is famous for many actresses who have won the hearts of the audience by portraying different characters.

The actor was able to win the hearts of the Malayalam moviegoers by playing the specified category character assigned to him.

The star has managed to win the hearts of movie fans by acting in short films as well. The star’s performance in the movie Holy Wound, which created waves in Kerala in a big way, was very impressive. Holy Wound was an A certified silent film.

The actor played the central character in this. The actor mostly appeared in A certified films.

The fans have accepted each of the roles of the star with full applause. The star is the favorite star of Malayalee miniscreen fans.

The actor also appeared as a contestant in the Malayalam Bigg Boss reality show, which has many fans all over the world. Now again, the actor has shocked his fans with a short film called Villa Triple Six.

This is also an A certified short film. The actor appeared in this movie in a bold role. The actor is active on social media and has lakhs of fans.

The actor has appeared in many hot and sultry photo shoots. The star mostly appears in hot and bold photos. A lot of glamor photo shoots of the actor have gone viral on social media.

Now the actor is talking about the audience giving negative comments for participating in the hot photo shoot.

If I do any photo shoot, I do it with 100% confidence that what I am doing is right and therefore I don’t feel any different if someone comments and I am showing nudity, I am only thinking about what you are saying.






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