Janhvi Kapoor Says Mom Sridevi Won’t Let Her Lock Her Bathroom Door


During a recent video filmed at her home in Chennai, Janhvi Kapoor revealed that her late mother Sridevi wouldn’t let her lock her bathroom door. She said that it was ‘shady’ and that she didn’t know what was inside the secret room.

Janhvi took her fans through the house’s various rooms and corners. She revealed the secret room and showed off her favorite places in the house. The video also features Janhvi’s aunt and dad, Boney Kapoor.

The video also features her aunt and dad, Boney Kapoor, who was seen sitting in the home’s office. He was then seen adding gold paint to a white wall. The video also features Sridevi’s favorite paintings and some of her own artwork.

Janhvi Kapoor said that her home was re-decorated in memory of her mother, Sridevi. Sridevi bought many things from around the world to decorate the house. She also used some of the items she acquired during her travels to decorate the house. Sridevi used to keep her things in her room before she married Boney.

Janhvi Kapoor’s home also features a Subhash Awchat painting. Sridevi also collected a lot of artwork and used some of it in her home. The house also includes photos and memorabilia from Sridevi’s various vacations.

Janhvi Kapoor also said that her home was ‘different’ when Sridevi lived there. The house was also revamped after her mother’s death in 2018.

During the video, Janhvi revealed that she would make her father Boney Kapoor’s favorite dishes in the house. She also said that she would spend a lot of time with her sister Khushi Kapoor.


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