Jomol Joseph’s latest photo shoot went viral on social media; See the photos

Actress and model Jomol Joseph is active on social media. He often expresses his views through social media.

But none of that could discourage the actor. Jomol responds to the criticisms against him with his own stand. The star’s photoshoots go viral on social media.

After a long break, the actor is again active in photoshoots and the caption given by the actor while sharing his new pictures is noteworthy. In front of this public consciousness that makes ma-ritams the measure of women’s beauty, the song ‘Jyummala Poonchola’ itself was called today’s reel.

The star, dressed in a transparent white dress, shared a video and photo of herself taking a dip in the pool. The body structure of the star can be clearly seen. This post has gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, another post of the star was also viral.

The first post is like this, nature and women..some places attract us all with their special beauty. We go on excursions to such places or stay there for a day or two..but..

What if we live permanently in these places? After a while our attraction to those places diminishes. Gradually you will get tired. Same is the case with women. Males have a mad lust for covered females.

He will want to tear away those veils and get closer to her. But what if you spend some time together with her? With that, he will feel tired of her and will gradually distance himself from her..

It is wrong to say that the nakedness of a woman arouses the lust of a man, if you get used to seeing it, the attraction of any sight will disappear..whether it is a woman or nature..second note, if Aryan goes to the sea, the woman should wait for him too.

If the girl makes a mistake, even that black hair..but what if she makes a mistake? There is nothing wrong with women and men.. Even if the body is folded back and stabbed, even if the legs are put on the legs, even if they lie on the road after drinking toddy, even if they cut the head of the girl with toddy and beat the head of the girl…

was the note given by the actor. Anyway, Jomol’s every post and every note is a reply to the critics. Every statement of the star goes viral on social media.






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