Kani Kusridhi again… “I don’t have colors, will you give me..?;!! Watch the beautiful song from Vichitra.

In the last few years, there have been many variety films coming out that are changing the face of Malayalam cinema. It must be said that like other films, the Malayalam cinema world has started experimenting with diversity. Many recent movies are an example of that. Examples of this are Great Indian Kitchen, Holy Wound, Chaturam which is currently running very successfully in theatres.

Vichitram is a super hit Malayalam movie that released a few days ago. This movie has put forward a variety concept. It has to be said that everyone who worked in front of the camera and behind the camera along with the excellent story, worked to the best of their ability for the film. That’s why the movie came out in a very good way.

Achu Vijayan directed the movie Vichitram released under Joy Movie Production banner. Written by Nikhil Ravindran, the film starred Shine Thom Chacko, Balu Varghese, Kani Kushmi and others in lead roles. All of them performed their roles very well in front of the camera.

Now a new song from this movie is going viral on social media. Written by Manoj Parameswaran and sung by Mariya Johny, the song features Kani Kushmi & Ketaki Narayanan in the lead roles. We can see even their intimate scenes in the song. Now it is going very successfully on YouTube.

The song was released five days ago and has already been watched by lakhs of fans. It is very interesting to see Kani Kushi’s best acting moments again in this movie. Kani Kusumi, who shocked the fans with the movie Biryani, shocked the fans again with the movie Vichitram. To make matters worse, Shine Tom Chacko, who recently chose the best characters and came in front of the camera, also gave a good performance.






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