Kerala High Court Orders Interim Stay on Cheating Case Against Sunny Leone


Accusations against Bollywood actress Sunny Leone popped up at the Kerala High Court recently, which led to an interim stay on the criminal proceedings against the actress in the state.

Sunny Leone was allegedly involved in a financial fraud of around 29 lakhs. She was also accused of violating terms of a contract she had signed with a stage show company four years ago. She allegedly failed to return the money.

According to the case affidavit, the organizers of the Valentine’s Day function had paid Sunny Leone around Rs29 lakh, but she had failed to attend the event. The event was supposed to be held at the Adlux International Convention Center in Angamally near Kochi. It had been postponed several times. During the course of the investigation, Leone was questioned by officials from the Kochi crime branch. Apparently, she lied about her attendance at the function, thereby committing a crime.

A complaint was filed by M Shiyas, a resident of Ernakulam district, with the then director general of police Loknath Behra, who directed the crime branch to investigate the matter. It turns out that the show organizers were unable to deliver the goods, in the form of a stage show. They alleged that Leone and her manager Daniel Weber had failed to deliver on their promises.

In a nutshell, the complaint claimed that Leone and her manager cheated the organizers out of their money. The organizers claimed that Sunny Leone and her manager took out about 29 lakh rupees from the show’s coffers but failed to return the money. In the course of the investigation, Leone was also questioned about the money-making gizmo that she claimed to have been the most obtrusive of the three.


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