Kiara Advani crops out rumoured boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra from her video, says ‘your hand is still there’. Watch

After confirming rumours about their relationship, Kiara Advani has cropped out rumoured boyfriend Sidharta from her video. In a comment on the video, Sidharth commented: “I’m not leaving you, but I’m staying in the background,” after the actress cropped out Sidharth from her video.

Bollywood couple Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra are rumoured to be dating. The two recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their film Shershaah on Instagram. The film follows the story of Captain Vikram Batra, who fought for the country during the Kargil War. Sidharth and Kiara are both extremely popular on social media.

The couple was photographed leaving a party together, with Kiara wearing a plunging neck crop top and a white midriff skirt. Both were carrying a Chanel cross-body bag and left in the same car. The two are set to appear together in upcoming film Sher Shah, but it is too early to confirm if the duo is dating or not.

The rumoured couple has not confirmed their relationship, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. The two have been linked off-screen for a while. Although they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, they are frequently spotted together. Sidharth has been seen attending a party with Kiara, but hasn’t commented publicly on whether he is the man of her dreams.

The rumoured couple is still in love – they are reportedly engaged in cute banter on Instagram. Sidharth has been spotted chatting with Varun Dhawan, a co-star from Jugjugg Jeeyo. The two have also discussed doing a movie together. Sidharth and Kiara had previously talked about this possibility, and it is now rumoured to be true.

The couple captivated audiences with their film Shershaah, which is based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra. The two have been photographed together at various events, outings and holidays. But, has there been a romance in the offing? Kiara Advani has spoken about rumours surrounding her personal life and has claimed to be immune to gossip.

In an apparent sign of the rumours that Kiara Advani and Sidharth are dating, the two have been seen together at numerous events and award shows. In addition, their rumoured romance has been confirmed by their frequent sightings at parties. Although the couple has not officially confirmed their relationship, there have been glimpses of them on social media.

Sidharth and Kiara Advani have been linked since their live session. Although the couple has yet to confirm their relationship, their social media presences have been very active. However, both are not shy about addressing rumours and sharing updates about their personal lives. As per reports, Kiara Advani has been spotted with rumoured boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra during the launch of her new movie Shershaah on Amazon Prime Video.

While the rumours surrounding the couple’s relationship have remained unsubstantiated, the two were seen celebrating their one-year anniversary together on Instagram. It is said that they met on the set of ‘Shershaah’ last year and are dating. The film, which is close to the hearts of the nation, tells the story of Captain Vikram Batra and his men.

It was quite a shocking moment when rumoured boyfriend Sidharth and Kiara Advani suddenly cropped out of each other’s video of celebrating Independence Day. The rumoured duo appeared in the same video, where Kiara was wearing a white kurta and Sidharth was holding the National Flag proudly. Both the stars also appeared to be smiling big.

After a year of rumours about the couple’s relationship, the two actors decided to celebrate the 76th anniversary of India’s independence together. Kiara Advani shared a video of herself holding an Indian flag on social media and Sidharth reacted by saying that he was missing in the video. The two have been linked for quite some time now. Recently, they appeared together in a movie called ‘Shershaah’ and were spotted in Dubai celebrating Kiara’s 30th birthday.

While the two are not publicly dating, the rumoured couple have been linked to each other. The pair have previously worked together in movies such as ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Raazi’. Their alleged boyfriend is yet to confirm their relationship, but the rumours are already stoking the fires of romance!

The two actors have been linked for quite some time and their recent video together is just the latest proof of their relationship. Sidharth and Kiara have recently met at a party hosted by Karan Johar, and there has been talk on social media of their relationship. Although the two are not officially dating, they have remained friends and stayed in touch for a year.

Since the two have been spending time together, rumours have swirled about whether the two are dating or not. The two recently returned from Dubai together and were spotted at the airport in black. Sidharth’s comment on a video Kiara shared revealing that she was wearing a pink saree and a tricolour was met with a resounding “nothing to see!”

Varun Dhawan shared a video of Kiara entering her Bandra home, in which she has a phone with Sidharth’s number on it. In the video, Varun asks Kiara’s permission to make a call to her speed dial. Kiara responds by saying, “No problem, my supervisor is on speed dial, too!”

The two celebrities were seen engaging in playful banter on Instagram while celebrating the Independence Day. Sidharth’s fans could not hold back their excitement and commented on the post. The rumoured couple may be dating each other, but it’s unclear how the two will proceed. While Kiara and Sidharth have not officially confirmed their relationship, the two stars seem to have fun together.

After the release of their film Shershaah, Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra are now rumoured to be dating. Although the two have never confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted out together at several parties and even celebrated Kiara’s birthday together in Dubai last month. If the two stars are indeed dating, it would be exciting to know who they are and how long they’ve been together.

After a string of rumours, Kiara Advani has finally cropped out of her alleged boyfriend’s movie – Mission Majnu, opposite Sidharth Malhotra. But how does she manage to work around her busy schedule? According to sources, Kiara was approached for the movie but failed due to her busy schedule. The film was subsequently recast with Rashmika Mandanna, who was offered the role as her co-star.

While Kiara Advani basks in the success of her films ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ and ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo’, Sidharth is busy shooting his web series ‘Indian Police Force’. Mission Majnu is his next film in the pipeline and he is also working on his new film ‘Thank You’ with Rashmika Mandanna.

After Mission Majnu, the actress has signed several films in Bollywood. The actress also had a hit Telugu movie, Srivalli (Sivaram). She has since appeared in various interesting movies, including “Aamir Khan’s Mission Majnu.”

The rumoured couple met on set of Shershaah, where the actress plays Sidharth’s love interest. During the filming, they shared on-screen chemistry and are now rumoured to be dating. If the two are dating, this would be the right time to confirm their relationship.

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