Kichu was shy about liplocking; Durga said that the director did not cut the film after it was done !!!

The controversy surrounding the lip lock scene drew harsh criticism from many, but the two actors are quick to defend themselves. When the song first went viral, Durga took to Instagram to question the double standards of internet bullies. She claimed that only she and her family were the targets of online bullying. In contrast, Krishna Sankar and his family were not mentioned in the controversy.

Actor Krishna Sankar and Durga Krishna have faced many criticisms for their lip lock scenes in Kudukku. Earlier, Durga Krishna faced backlash over her intimate scenes with Dhyan Sreenivasan in ‘Udal’. Now, she is receiving cyber bullying for her lip lock scene with Krishna Shankar in the upcoming movie ‘Kudukku 2025’ directed by Bilahari.

Durga Krishna Sankar are co-actors in Kudukku 2025, a romantic movie starring Krishna Sankar and Durga Krishna. The romantic song ‘Maaran’ grabbed the audience’s attention in the film and the two actors kissed each other onscreen. However, some netizens were appalled at the scenes, which were deemed inappropriate and even racially offensive.

After the controversy over their lip lock scenes in Kuduk, Actor Krishna Sankar and Durga Krishna have responded to their critics. Durga Krishna has been a victim of cyberbullies, but she has managed to get her film re-released and continues to work. She has also spoken out against the stereotyping that women face because of their lip locks.

Despite the backlash the couple has received over the lip lock scene, both the actress and the director are sticking with the film. They have already made other films, but they are not giving up on the possibility of a good movie just because of a controversial scene.

The controversial lip lock scene in Kuduk has received a lot of criticism. Durga Krishna has been cyberbullied for it. This follows her recent backlash for her intimate scenes with Dhyan Sreenivasan in ‘Udal.’ In response, Krishna Shankar and Durga’s husband Arjun Ravindran have been responding to the trolls on social media.

Despite the negative feedback, the actresses insist that they should not give up on their film because of the lip lock scene. They received a lot of backlash for their previous movie and want to make another good film.

Actor Krishna Sankar And Durga Krishna Explain About Their Lip Lock Scene – It’s A Romantic Moment In The Film! The actor and actress have been facing backlash after a lip lock scene in another film. But the pair has not given up hope. They have vowed to do good films and fight against cyber bullying.

The lip lock scene in the film ‘Kudukku 2025′ has garnered a lot of criticism. Durga Krishna has faced cyberbullying for sharing such intimate moments with Krishna Shankar. However, the actors have been able to overcome this harassment and move on to other projects. In the meantime, the actress’ husband, Arjun Ravindran, also replied to critics on social media.

Durga Krishna has faced cyberbullying for her role in the Kudukku 2025 lip lock scene. This backlash has also spread to the actor’s husband, Arjun Ravindran, who has addressed critics of Durga’s spine and has defended the actress.

Kudukku 2025 is a movie that stars Krishna Sankar and Durga Krishna. The songs from the film have become a hit. Songs like Maran Marukil Chorum have become hits. In this interview with the actors, we get to know more about their lips locking scene and the song itself. We also get to know that Arjun has been instrumental in promoting the song and making it popular.

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