Lady trainer shares a great fitness video.. Another level of fitness

Diksha Bhatt is an ACE Certified Trainer and Certified Nurse. The actor has become a very busy figure in the male-dominated bodybuilding industry. The actor who started with a desire to stay fit by watching YouTube workout videos has now gone to the point where he wants to represent India on the international platform of bodybuilding. The star is being hailed on social media as this amazing strong woman who never gave up on her dream of bodybuilding and fitness.

The actor has said that she was a chubby girl during her college days and it was my desire to be fit that initially made me start working out by watching YouTube videos. After college, I met an American Council on Exercise, ACE certified trainer at the gym. The actor said that it was as if wishes got a big path.

The actor says, “I told my parents about ACE but they had no idea about it and tried to convince them that I would work part-time in a gym while working as a nurse. Soon after moving to Delhi, the actor joined the Classic Fitness Academy to study the ACE PT certification course.

The actor started his career from Anytime Fitness. Now the star has been able to show through his life that if you dream something in your heart and if you work hard to overcome all your problems and face all those obstacles, the day will come when you will find a way to realize that dream.

There are fewer female coaches in India than male coaches. And the actor was able to prove that he can do just as well as other male coaches. Anyway, everything is active on social media and the star has uploaded many fitness videos on Instagram etc. Now a great video has gone viral. The star has been able to get great audience favor and support.






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