‘Let’s change that Uncle’; Screenwriter about the part edited by Vismaya Mohanlal in Burrows

Burrows is the first film directed by actor Mohanlal. Filming of the movie has been in progress since its announcement. According to screenwriter Jijo Punnus, Mohanlal’s daughter Vismaya Mohanlal’s comments on the film have been discussed on social media.

It was only after ‘Barros’ became a project that the presence of young people in it seemed necessary. Lal immediately called Suchi (Suchitra Mohanlal) and asked him to send the child here. Awe and love came during the discussion time. After hearing the amazing story, a request was put forward. ‘Jijo Uncle .. Do not portray Africans in a negative light. Otherwise, they face a lot of exploitation outside. We can change that. ‘ That’s how there was a change in the story. ‘

Social media is responding to the change in the thinking of the younger generation. Last February, on Valentine’s Day, Vismaya’s poetry collection ‘Grains of Stardust’ was released. The book is a collection of poems and drawings written by Vismaya. Many people came to the stage praising Visma for publishing a book at such a young age.

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