Malayalee’s favorite with a stylish look.. Aren’t you expecting a comeback?

Jyoti Krishna is an Indian actress and classical dancer. The actor who works in the Malayalam film industry is also a television presenter and RJ. He entered the acting field with the film Bombay March 12, which was released in 2011. Later, the actor was notable for his roles in the critically acclaimed God for Sale, Ranjith’s Naam and Jeethu Joseph’s Life of Josootie.

The actor portrayed each character in a very good form, therefore, the audience accepted each role and each film of the actor with great enthusiasm and the actor handled each character very maturely, the actor was able to mark his place through small and big roles. Although it was a small screen, it turned out to be a film that remembered the star.The actress was born in Kodungallur, Thrissur to Rajan Pettikkat and Lolitha Rajan. The actor, who was interested in art at a very young age, was able to shine in youth festival venues and other events during his early school years, and the art that he learned at a very young age had a great influence on his future acting. Jyoti married Radhika’s brother Arun Anand Raja on 19 November 2017.

The star has got the opportunity to do movies with Malayalam star kings and young heroes. Whatever the film, it became a star’s film because of the excellent handling of the star. It is because the name of the first star of the directors came up that the Malayalees got to see the star through many important acting roles.The actor was last seen in the Manju Warrier starrer Aami. The actor is active in all social media spaces. The actor constantly shares his favorite photos, videos and details with his fans. Very quickly the star’s photos are done one by one. From this it can be understood that the characters in the films were so acceptable to the audience.

No matter what kind of photos the star shares, fans are quick to express their love for the star. Now the actor has shared some new photos which are very cute and stylish in jeans and top. Very quickly, the star’s photos have been taken by the fans and have given great audience reactions and have gone viral and waves in the social media space.






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