Nerve disease is their problem..! Not my problem..! Don’t forget that those who make dirty comments have mothers and daughters-Sharanya Shani

Social media has gifted us with many role models. The number of people is increasing day by day. Sharanya is one such well-supported model. Saranya is also a star who shares a lot of photos and videos on social media.The star is a Malayali model who stands out as a ruby ​​in the moteling industry.

Therefore, as well as great support, there is also criticism at times.It is not necessary that the photos uploaded by the stars still have a Malayalam identity. Being a model, the stars are forced to share photos in many different forms.In an interview given to an online media the other day.

the actor said about some of the comments and bad language in the hot photos shared by the actor, which is now going viral on social media.”Now, no matter how I share the picture, there are many people who leave bad comments, that’s why I left her comment box,” Sharanya stopped.

“It’s part of my job. I have not disclosed before.A person like me has a different life and his professional life. We should not judge someone by his clothes or some pictures he shares. .it’s really bad to degrade ourselves”.”Even if they wear normal clothes.

sometimes there are people who say very bad things in this society. It is a disease, and that disease can be called by the nickname of nerve disease. The reason for this disease is the thinking problem of such people. .All those who talk against me like this think about you, your mother and sister.

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