Noora and Adila shared their romantic moments on social media. Photos..

We see different types of news on social media. Social media approaches every news in different ways. We can see news that everyone approaches the same, and news in the form of recording different opinions on social media every day. News stories full of moral attacks are all too common.

We can usually see moral attacks on the social media when the news comes out in a form that cannot be absorbed by the new generation. Especially when LG BT QR related news comes out on social media, we can see people approaching it in two ways. One section favors and another section reacts.

A few days ago, the news of Noora Adila’s romance was the biggest discussion on social media. When they decided to throw off the shackles of society and come together, social media approached them in many ways. They were fully supported by those in favor of lesbian romance.At the same time, a lot of criticism was raised against them. Many have launched moral attacks against them. Similarly, many comments started coming under their news that they got married against the members of their own family and they will suffer the consequences of this later.

But they took the criticism as a garland and moved on with their lives. They were united through the legal channels prescribed by India. Despite the family’s objections, they decided to live together. Most of the media have released their news. They also appeared in many interviews.

A few days ago, their photoshoot created a big wave on social media. Their wedding came out as a photo shoot. Social media took it and celebrated it. They are now active on social media. Many people are following them. They are constantly sharing their photos and videos.

They are expressing their happiness by constantly sharing photos on social media. Now the latest photos shared on Instagram are going viral again on social media. Shared a photo of them kissing each other and expressing their love. Photos go viral.






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